Our 23rd Season!

Ken Herring, 3rd from the right, accepts a grant from The Community Foundation of Gaston County. This insures the GSB will be able to have a full season of music for everyone to enjoy.

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December 13, 2015

I am so proud of Bethany Broesder, elementary music teacher at Northside Christian Academy. She totally rocked these bells in last Friday night's performance by the Gaston Symphonic Band. A highlight of the night was her part in the finale "Russian Christmas Music" by Alfred Reed. We are so blessed to have Fine Arts faculty who are not only great teachers but talented artists in their own right.

Susan Renstrom

December 12, 2015

An over the top concert!! Many thanks to all members of Gaston Symphonic Band & Exodus Hand bell Choir for a delighful night of beautiful Christmas music.

Barbara Warlick

October 25, 2015

Congratulations on a terrific concert last night, the sound was great and the audience was appreciative. The program handout was beautiful and professionally done. I thought the announcer was enjoyable, and had a good sense of humor. 

I had a very enjoyable experience you should all be proud.

Casey Bork
Gaston String Orchestra

Early Pictures From Tricks and Treats.



Experiencing a GSB concert is exciting and exhilarating. Each one is unique in both music selection, instrumentation and presentation. The band may use a full choir, dancers, strings, soloists, ensembles, even bell ringers and who could forget the BOOM of live cannons. Service to Gaston County is important to the band. You may see them at a veterans program at Memorial Park, entertaining at the Christmas Tree lighting in Downtown Gastonia, dedicating a monument on main street and even delighting the crowd at the Yule Log festival in McAdenville. 

The band extends a sincere thank you to the loyal fans that enthusiastically attend their events. Thank you to the donors and sponsors that allow the band to concentrate on being the best they can be. If you are reading this and have not been to a GSB concert. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!!!!  It is awesome and it is always offered at no charge!  Please get out and support YOUR band. Make sure to come up afterwards and say hello when you are there. 

The finest musicians, equipment, music, conductors, instructors and the pride of accomplishment makes up your band. 

Join the Band

One of the GSB’s underlying goals is to provide an outlet for musicians that were part of a High School or College band who want to continue to use their talents. The band today consists of professional performers, former military bandsmen, band directors and teachers. Also, intermediate players have found a place to hone their skills along with those who have decided to get the horn out of the closet and renew their gift of music.

All adults are welcome without an audition. Section leaders and directors provide coaching at all levels. Registration and dues are required for each member. If you want to join, show up at a rehearsal. You can bring your instrument if you like, or just watch your first time. Then join in as you are comfortable. Rehearsals are on each Thursday evening beginning at 7:00 PM at Grier Middle School in Gastonia.

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Excellence is inter-woven in every fiber of the GSB. With the pride that each musician takes as they strive to perfect their art. Or the diligence the director takes in selecting arrangements and ensuring the band is fully prepared to perform.  Or the board of director’s attentiveness to the details of the finances, facilities, community service and awareness, adult and student development and much more.

Excellence though is proven by the fruits of the band's labor. Year by year the programs have grown in both complexity and participants. Audiences have grown to  fill the largest venues in Gaston County. Funds have been donated each year from partners to keep the music playing. See more about donors on the Donor Tab. When the band receives multiple standing ovations and cries of “bravo” and "more” they know they have made the community proud.  The band also knows they are reaching their goals when the best musicians in the area fill their ranks year after year.

Thank you fans of the band, the performers and directors for creating this top provider of the arts known as
"The Gaston Symphonic Band".
Student Program

Gaston County advanced high school musicians seek out the Gaston Symphonic Band as a means to further their experience and education in music. Students that have reached a high proficiency level in the High Schools can audition with the GSB. Band Directors are encouraged to write letters of recommendation for them to present.
These students are welcomed and integrated in the band with the seasoned players. There are many documented examples of students receiving individual assistance from our performers. Performers like current and former band directors, professional players and even military bandsmen from the Marine and Navy Bands. The band swells from an average of about 45 performers to the 70s, making the Christmas and Spring concerts quite spectacular. Students are recognized for their accomplishments in school. Most are selected in the All County and All State programs. Last year the GSB boasted three students in the Governor’s School. The student program in the GSB is truly a win-win.
Concert Producers

Gaston Symphonic Band Concerts have evolved into multi-dimensional shows. The concerts are now often collaborative art productions. The band may call on The Gaston String Orchestra, The Gaston Dance Theater, and even a full choir to enhance a particular event. The effort to put on such a show begins with the choice of a venue, music, theme and partners and flows through marketing, public relations and printing.

Last year the band rolled out a new initiative to improve the quality of concerts and to spread the work load to a team. Concert Producers were created. Some of the producers are seasoned performers that have become experts on particular concerts and will produce that concert each year. New producers are also coming forward to work for their favorite concert.

According to Ben Reavis, last year’s President that rolled out this program, “The producers were vital to the success of the season. I was very pleased to see that the program was enthusiastically renewed for this season with a full complement of producers stepping up to the plate.”